Medical professionals all know how essential proper diet can be to an individual’s health, and master healer Dr. Pankaj Naram is no exception. When Dr. Naram meets with patients, a diet change is one of the first steps that he recommends to them no matter what ailments they may be dealing with. The right diet can have a number of advantages when patients are trying to recover from illnesses or when they are seeking longevity.Even starting with a few simple diet swaps can go a long way towards helping an individual feel better, live longer, and grow stronger, so today Dr. Naram offers a few of his own suggestions on how to improve diet.

To start a healthy eating lifestyle, there are some steps that all individuals should take according Dr. Naram. First, you should incorporate many fruits and vegetables into your diet. Dr. Naram especially recommends broccoli, pomegranates, and beans, but most fruits and vegetables, especially freshly prepared, will have their own benefits and may offer essential nutrients like protein, fiber, calcium, and vitamins. One of the few kinds of produce that Dr. Naram warns against is acidic citrus, like grapefruits and lemons, and he recommends that you eat these in moderation if at all.

Dr. Naram also suggests that his patients try to cut wheat from their diets, and explore an array of healthier grain alternatives. Wheat can cause digestive upsets, but these can be avoided if you use alternative flours. Some of the grains that individuals can eat instead of wheat are corn, oats, and rice, and for baked goods spelt flour, and rye flour can be great alternatives. Teff flour is also a favorite of Dr. Naram’s because it is rich in the fiber that individuals may be missing if they cut wheat four, and teff flour also adds calcium and protein to the diet.

These are just a few simple swaps and diet changes, but they can have huge benefits from improving digestion to boosting the immune system. Diet is crucial to living a long and healthy life, and even starting with these simple diet swaps can lead to a healthier road of clean eating. Dr. Naram highly encourages anyone to try these diet tips for themselves to see how much better the right foods can make them feel.