Book your Consultation with Pankaj Naram in Europe

Consultation Fee's:

Fee New Patient Returning Patient
Adult € 70,- € 54,-
Couples € 120,- € 108,-
Senior Citizen € 60,- € 48,-
Student € 42,- € 36,-
Child (below 12) € 36,- € 30,-
Pets € 36,- € 30,-

€25,- is charged when booked, the remaining amount is charged after consultation

Want to Consult Pankaj Naram together with your Spouse? Book 2 seperate Consultations, we will seat you together on arrival.

Please block 1-2 hours from your agenda to allow Pankaj Naram and his team to advice you fully.


Q1 2019 - United Kingdom - Location TBA

Q1 2019- The Netherlands - Location TBA

Fully Booked? Send us a message to get added to the Waiting List

Please send a e-mail to with the following information: Name, Phonenumber, Preferred Location & Date.

We will contact you if a slot becomes available. We work on First Signed up, First Served basis so e-mail us immediately.

Booking a Consultation with iDEAL:

If you are unable to book directly with CREDIT CARD on this page, and want to book a Pulse Reading with iDEAL please go to:
Book a Consultation with Pankaj Naram - Pulse Reading - 1 Booking- iDEAL Only

We will process your booking manually within 1-2 days and send you a confirmation email with your timeslot.

Please Note that booking directly with your Credit Card on this page provides additional benefits like choosing your own timeslot.


Please note that a appointment is mandatory to receive Pulse Reading and Consultation.

Appointments can be made up to 24 hours in advance. (If Available)

Appointments MUST be cancelled 24 hours in advance on working days OR before the first day of an event, whichever comes first. To cancel a Appointment, please use the [Cancel Appointment] button in your Appointment Confirmation E-mail, or e-mail us:

We work on First Come First Serve basis for the timeslot you have chosen.

Questions? Please e-mail us:


United Kingdom - London - 5,6,7,8 October 2018

The Netherlands - Rotterdam - 11 October 2018

United Kingdom - London - 27 July 2018


United Kingdom - London - 25,26,27,28 May 2018

The Netherlands - Rotterdam - 23 May 2018

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